Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


earli burd action

i like too sleep in. alot. mi humin likes to git up earli. alot. Now that its cold and dark in the mornin, it's evin more important to sleep to stay helthy and redy for importint things like cheeze. She also makes mi go outside earli. I don't like doing that, but yesterdai it was important. One of those wild kats were in the driveway. When I saw it, i ran after it and chased it into the woodz. Mi human wudn't let mi follow it into the woodz or i would have caut it. Then it'd be sorri. I went back to sleep after that, knowing i'd done mi job for the day.


terrier parti?

Todai i red about anohter terrier like mi who got hiz voter registration card. I want won to. i wud vote in all the mager electionz and work for mi candidates. Maybi i will run for office. i'm fast and wud bi a good choice. Here'z mi Terrier Parti platform:

Cheeze in every frigerator. Rain onlee at nite. Warm wethr. No squirrels.


Klose Kall

Yesterday waz the most importint day of mi week, az yu kno: It was MudBay Dai.

Everi Sondai, mi humin takes me to mi groceri store, and I make sure nothin haz happined to the place sinc the last time I waz there (i.e., the Sondai befor). We get things for the kat, too, but mostly the trip iz for mi. The humins there like mi, and i like them alot. They hav good treets for mi--& i get to stand on the kounter, which most other dogs kan't do.

Yesterdai, tho, wi had a close call. Mi humin almost forgot to get my special treets: pupperoni sticks. i had to stop her before she got in her kar. When she finaly understood what i waz trying to tell her, she went rite back in. Missin accomplisht.


a bizi week

terriers ar bizi peeple. On mondai my humin took mi to play groop. I played with 2 rat terriers (one in partkilar waz veri cute), a big lab puppi, a big Bostin terrier, a loud-mouth beegle, & a black lab. We no how 2 run hard & play hard. When I got home, I spept hard, to.

Then on tuezdai, mi humin buddi (she comz everydai to visit mi) took mi 4 a special drive to a park! A PARK!! i met alot of dogz, and lotz of humins stopt to say "Hi" to mi and tell mi frend i'm cute. (i am cute.) One littl dog wasz wearing pink. her Name is Tia, and i really likt her. i also met Roman, & we'd bee good buddys if we meet again.

so when i got home again, i had to take a hard nap.


Mi groceri store

Everi Sundae, my humin takes mi to mi favorit place in the hole wurld: Mudd Bay Graneri. She calls it mi "groceri store." (She took piktures of it and mi frends ther yesturday, but she kant make her kamera give her the piktures.)

I realy like the other humins there. They give mi good things too eat, & pet mi. Sometimes i let other dogs come to, but it's mi store. Yesterdai another terier kame. He was nice, and we played while the humins watcht. They are so eaze to pleeze.

I got to stand on the counter for extraa treets before we went home.



i didnt meen to bite mi humin, it juss happined. Oops. i trained her too hold mi bone while i chew it (i get much beter grip for mi teeth). But this bone waz realy short. I'd eatin almost all of it. And oops. She yelpt and i stopt nawing and lickt her fingr too tell her i was sory. i need a biggr bone, i think.


grandhumin & the wild kat

beehind mi house are lots ov treez. Monsters live in thoz woodz. i'm sure of it. The newist monster looks like a grae and white kat: big and meen. Evin meener than Miss B. kan bee. (ok, she's not reely meen; just kranki.)

Yesterday mi humin was gone (don't no where she goes everi day; she just disapeers) and won ov mi grandhumins kame too sea mi. She took mi outside neer the hauntid woodz. There waz the big grae kat. Being a terrier, i went after it. But it turnd intoo A MONSTER! It kame at mi!! Well, not bing a puppi, i yelled. i waz goin to charg aftr it sum more, but mi grandhumin pikt mi up. Sometimes its hard to bee small.

That kat/monster waz just lucki mi grandhumin saved it.


horrer in eveng

i was sleepin, mindin mi own bizness last nite, when mi humin got out the red dimon. She coo'd somthing abot, "trimmin your nails." Well, when she kame at mi, i jumpt off mi nest--but shee had cheeze in her other hand. ohmygosh! A dimon in one hand and heven in the othr!!!!

i tried that new stupid trik over and over (brushin mi paw ovr mi face), but it didnt work. Thats alwaz workt beefour. She laffs and givez mi anythng! But not last nite...

Bunter, the kat who thinks shee runz things, new she didt hav to worri abot the dimon, bcuz mi humin is afraid of her sometimz. Miss B (az she insists on bein' called) sayz realli bad wordz when the clippers com neer her. So mi human just gave her cheeze. Iz that fair?!

i held out az long az i cud, puttin mi pawz under mi, but that cheeze, that cheeze waz there. She wudn't giv mi any unles i let her trim mi nailz. She gav Miss B alot...

Finaly, i let her do my nailz--all but one. (I like that nail long.)

I got the cheeze.