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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Akupunkture: those crazi humins...

Recently mi humin lost her mind. Again. Shee took mi to a new vet (I cud tell by the smell) who turned mi into a pin cushon! What waz shee thinking!?!

Shee murmurred something about this helping mi arthritis (whatever that iz) and that akupunkture (whatever that iz) iz a well-respected medicine.

But pins? In mee! Iz this leegal?!

Well, now that I hav ceen to that new vet three times, i reelized he doez smell a little different than mi other doktors. And the pins don't reely hurt, and it haz been eezier to get around lately.

From pins? In mee? Well ... OK.

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Im in Heven

On Sundae, mi first nanni kame to vizit me. When i waz a puppi, she kame every day. After SHE had a puppi, she didn't kome becuz she waz taking out her puppi.

I missed her, and it was wonderful to see her again after all theze years. (Her puppi is az big az mi puppi now, btw.)