Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


A gloriess dae

Yesterdae mi humins were home neerly all dae -- sleepin. And i got to sleep with them! Yippeee!!

The nite before they were up alot, makin awful noises in the bathroom and sayin somethin about the flu, whatever that is. I say bring it on if I git to hav mi humins around all dae!


Mi Chaire

Hav i told yu about dinnertime at home? Mi humins put plates and stuff at the hi table, and then they dont evin start eating rite away once the food iz on the table! They sit ther with ther eyz closed (mi puppi has herz open alot of timez tho), and then sumone finaly sayz "Amen." Thatz like a klicker, i think. Bcuz thats when they dive in.

I hav a chaire at the table to. Itz rite at the end, so I think itz the hed. Often I'm ther before anyine else. Mi human sayz I hav this chaire because then i don't hav to beg. i KNO i'm getting something.

That Kat sometimez sitz on MI chaire, too. i hate that. i leave when shi comes, unless the dinner includes cheeze. Then I wate her out.


long tim no post

O how thingz hav changed since i last rote. I dont cee mi nany as much anymore, but shi did kome over on Saturdae. I gave her kisses. She, of korse, gave mi lotz more.

She kame to kut That Kat's clawz. When mi staff trim that wild animal'z nails, i stay back. Ther iz usually weeping and gashing of humin skin.

Mi humin trimmed mi nails a week ago, but I dont complain like That Kat does. She's over the top. (I've seen her shred mi doktor.)

Things r goin well with mi humin puppi. I'm training her every dae, and she's given mi another warm bed to use -- and shi likes to play more than mi old humin does. She also gives mi cheez whenever shi eats some, to. Sweet.