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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


long tim no post

O how thingz hav changed since i last rote. I dont cee mi nany as much anymore, but shi did kome over on Saturdae. I gave her kisses. She, of korse, gave mi lotz more.

She kame to kut That Kat's clawz. When mi staff trim that wild animal'z nails, i stay back. Ther iz usually weeping and gashing of humin skin.

Mi humin trimmed mi nails a week ago, but I dont complain like That Kat does. She's over the top. (I've seen her shred mi doktor.)

Things r goin well with mi humin puppi. I'm training her every dae, and she's given mi another warm bed to use -- and shi likes to play more than mi old humin does. She also gives mi cheez whenever shi eats some, to. Sweet.


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