Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Akupunkture: those crazi humins...

Recently mi humin lost her mind. Again. Shee took mi to a new vet (I cud tell by the smell) who turned mi into a pin cushon! What waz shee thinking!?!

Shee murmurred something about this helping mi arthritis (whatever that iz) and that akupunkture (whatever that iz) iz a well-respected medicine.

But pins? In mee! Iz this leegal?!

Well, now that I hav ceen to that new vet three times, i reelized he doez smell a little different than mi other doktors. And the pins don't reely hurt, and it haz been eezier to get around lately.

From pins? In mee? Well ... OK.

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Im in Heven

On Sundae, mi first nanni kame to vizit me. When i waz a puppi, she kame every day. After SHE had a puppi, she didn't kome becuz she waz taking out her puppi.

I missed her, and it was wonderful to see her again after all theze years. (Her puppi is az big az mi puppi now, btw.)



There are gust so manee things rong with this piktur. If the humin wanted the ball, he shuld hav kept it.


cee no evil, or much else

Mi humin took mi to my doktor last weekend. Doktors make mi nurvus, but mine is nice and koos at me. That helps.

Shi told mi humin somthing I'd been trying to tell her for a long time: i dont cee so well anymore. I like when the lites are on, becuz that makes it eazier, and i don't want mi humin puppi leaving things on the ground anymore. And no more moving furnichure.

My humin assures mi that, 'Yur wish iz mi command.' It beter be.


Kooling Down

i do not like it kold. i also do not like it hot. Last nite waz horribl, todea iz horribl.

To kool off, i went with mi grandhumins to the office to get sum things dun:
  1. I had my grandhumin give mi a glas of water.
  2. I had mi grandhumin give mi snaks.
  3. I ate lunch.
  4. I slept.
This iz much better.


Cyotee Puppiez

Run, puppiez, run!


Shee looks innosent

That Kat is gettin meerer than ever. Mi humin snapt this of That Kat when shi waz sleepin. Don't bee fooled. That Kat hides in the darknes until shi kan attak mi.