Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


humin bites shark, saves terrior

Just saw thiss on msnbc: A humin saved hiz terrior from a shark. Mi humin wud hav dun that to, I think.

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Luv handels??

What xactly ar luv handles? Mi humin and mi evil doktor were talking abut mee having "luv handles" but I dont hav any handles. Isn't that what shi uzes to open the fridge?


Lending Mi Mug

This iz one of mi favorit pictures of mi. I'm well nown at SPU wher mi humin works.


Top 10 dogz a sham

I waz surfin the internet todae and saw this dum article abot the 10 most populer dogz. What a krok.

Sure, be humin to a bulldog or boxer. Yu mite as well pet a brik. A podle?! Yikes. Talk abut snoty. All thae want to talk abut is themselvz. Labz just want yu to give them a beer while they scratch themselfs.

Whare iz the Jack Rusel? I ask. Nevermind, we'r to good for them.


Snokwamee Falls

Mi grandhumins and nu puppi took mi to a place they kalled Snokwamee Falls yesterdae. The best part of the trip waz sleepin on mi grandhumin's lap durin the drive. When wi arrived, mi puppi sed that I had to stay in the kar becuz a stoopid sine sed "No dogz allowed." Who ever herd of such a thing!? It didn't say "No terriers allowed," so I shud hav ben OK.

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