Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Kat explosion

Recently mi humin shovd the crazi kat into that greeen box. Shi doez this when she's goin to take the kat to The Place. Sometimz i go to The Place. I dont like goin, even tho the humins ther r nice. They put needls in mi, and poke mi. Mi humin sayz this iz r "docter," whatever that meens.

Welll, yesterdai the crazi kat went. Mi humin took mi too. The nice humin came in, and i waz veri hapy that she didn't tuch mi. Shi poked the kat, and the kat's eyez got big. Then shi picked up the kat--and the kat exploded. Fur waz flying; humins wer screemin; and the kat screemd louder than anyone.

finally, the kat jumpt into the greeen box, and the humins panted. The docter had blood on her face; mi humin's hand had blood comin out of it, to.

i cud hav told them that this kat waz capable of this.

when we kame home, the kat wanted to sit on mi humin's lap, and the humin let her. i think she's afraid of her.


all dogz bite

i went with mi humin to her carz docter. It wazn't sick but needed a chekup. Several other humins were there to--one with a loud humin puppi. (i don't mind humin puppis, but i'm nevr sure what ther thinkin and they poke mi face.)

That puppi's mother draged her to mi humin and sed in a hi voice, "Iz he the nice kind of doggie, or the mean, biting kind of doggie?"

i cud feel my humin get tense, because she took a deeep breth. (I worri when she takes thoz deep breths, becuz who nos what she'll do next.)

"All dogz bite," shi finally sed. "Just like all humins can bite."

The big humin blinked.

"Do you want to pet the dog?" mi humin asked the humin puppi. But the big humin answerd. "I don't think shi wants too based on yur answer," she sed and dragged her puppi away.