Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


teh doctre

Mi doctre iz nice, but i dont want to seee her agin for a long time. i had to see her too timz last week, and she pulled out mi blood! Then, THEN, shi took mi into teh back ov the dreded clinic and TRIMMED MI NAILS!!!! If I'v sed it once, i'v sed it a thousend timez: I like mi nails long, especialy the black nail.


Happi biRthday Olivre

Today, was anothre relly good dae. I went to the birthdae parti of a frend of mine named Oliver. (He's the long dogg with the fanci coller.)

We playd gamez, I gav Olivr a card and sined it with paw printz. Then, THEN we had cake (just for us; i told mi humin it waz humin poison. HA!!) It waz relly, relly good.

Hapi birthdae, Oliver! May next yeer be full yur favorit cheeze.


the grandhuminz.2

2 Fridaes ago mi human took mi to work with her. Last Fridae, mi grandhuminz took mi to the park. Mi grandhuminz rockk!

We walkt thru the woodz and I smelld lotz of grass -- ate grasss to. I also met other dogz, including a boss-dog (someone sed a "dobbie," whatever that means). i jus sed "Yessir, nice to meet you, sir," when we past him. He nodded.

it waz a good day.