Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Aneething for cheeze?

Mi humin went off her rocker. Shee sed someone gave her this koat for mi. Doez that meen i hav to ware it?! Well ... if therz cheeze involved, OK, just this once...


Waz that a problim?

Mi humin waz in that weerd indoor rane she calls a "showr," and i was boored -- and the treets were rite there (sort ov).
Why shud it be a problem for mi to move the treets from the window to the couch. I kan reech them alot easier ther ... and shi and mi humin puppi eat in front ov the TV all the time. So whatz the problim?


In the Newz

Mi humin emailed mi a link this morning to an article on cnn.com abot ME. I may need to have my humin carry a pen with, so i kan sine autografs now.


mi chare

So i went to mi grandhumins' house this morning like usual. I jumped on mi chare -- but they had forgotten to put mi blanket on it.

Thankfilly, mi grandhumin noticed rite away and got it for mi. I acepted her apology.

THEN, mi humin puppi climbed in. Geesh, get yor own chare.


Daelite Savinz Time

Mi humin getz up when itz dark, and i hav never been able to brak her of that -- tri az I mite.

Then this weekend, it waz even worse... Whatz up with that??

(On the up side, shee fed me sooner on Sundae. I did not point out her oops.)


Mi Dae

This week mi nannee, Suzan, kame to visit mi. I luv it when shi visits. I waz in mi box sleepin and she let mi out. She even brot mi frend, Hank, (he'z evin smaller than mi!) and a new frend, Mocha. (She waz cute!). We all went for a walk and then shi gave mi treets.

It waz a good visit.