Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


A Uneek Lunch

Lunch todae waz pritty good -- after mi grandhumin fixt it up.

Dri biskits are fore the birdz (or catz), and theze started out that way.

But grandhumin added butter yesterday and creem cheeze today -- CHEEZE! -- so I waz happi. I also herd her say, "Peenut butter wud go well on them, too, I think," so I no my brane waves got it her.

Dezert waz ther kat's food. He won't miss it.



Gettin' the newz

Whi do mi humins torture mi so?


Kan I Get Frys With That?

One of mi grandhumins invited mi to lunch. Shi's the one who butters mi bonz, to. No buttered bonz todai! Shi eats meet!