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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Saterday Nite Life

Mi staff kept mi bizy last Saterday. (I’v even had to sleep hard on Sundae and Monday to recooperate. But Saterday waz fun.)

First mi mane humin woke mi up early and put mi in my box. Unusual for a Saterday, but I went back to sleep until one of mi grandhumans came to get mi. I got some breckfast (bacin and eggs), and then he took mi to hiz office. We workt hard, with mi supervizing while sitting on hiz lap. But that waz only the beginning on mi day!

In the earli evening, I took mi humin to a parti. It waz alot of girlz. I waz the onli guy … but there waz CHEEZE, lots of CHEEZE! Mi human made sure I got a big peece, and I ate it. But the evening wazn’t voer yet!

Mi humin and mi exchange student put mi back into the car and drove to ANOTHER party!! The night waz dark, but I recognized this waz the way to mi nanny’s and mi teecher’s house! We didn’t git there soon, tho, becuz mi humin went rite past the street I knew she waz supposed to turn on. I sent brain waves to mi exchange student, and that saved the day. Kyoka told mi humin she messed up and shuld turn around. She did, and we were back on track.

I looked out the window to help guide them to the rite place, and FINALLY we made it. More of mi staff waz there, but so were my frends — Hank, Lola, and Bella. And also more CHEESE! A table full of CHEESE! I saluted to a few humans (a big crowd pleezer), and I got more CHEESE. This was a great party!

Several humin puppies were there, too. Have yu ever spent time with humin puppiez? They can be loud, reely loud. They also run and poke dogs. One little one poked Lola, and Lola rolled over to play dead. It didn’t work. The humin puppy kept patting Lola’s tummi. Run, Lola, run!!! Just to be safe, I had mi humin carri mi — it waz also the best way for mi to see what waz happening, and make sure we didn’t run out of cheese.

The parti waz fun but I waz beet … I’d been up since waaaay before it waz lite, and when I asked to go upstairs to sleep, mi human wudn’t let mi (something about it not being mi house). But blankets and pillows were up there!
Shi finanly took mi home and I went strate to bed. It waz a good day, with good frends, and good cheeze.


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