Wimsey's Place

whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Mi Staff

I hav a reelly good staff that I like veri much. When I talk to colleegues, they are jelus, and I’m not surprised. Let mi describe the staf and yu will understand:

My humin: She’s my rite-paw persen. Shi even takes mi outside in the middle of the nite if I ask her. (I hav to stand on her to wake her up, but shi gets up.)

Mi grandhumans (both): They hav given mi a special chair, bacon for breakfast, laps to sleeep on, and potti brakes whin necessary.

Mi nanni: She rocks! Shi lets mi do whatever I want; shi brings over frends, including Hank, and shi plays with me and gives mi extra treets.

Mi teecher: I no pretty much everything, but shi’s taut mi humin a lot, especially how to speek to me right. Mi teecher also smells like turkee hotdogs. (They gro in her pockets.) How perfect is that?!

Mi groceree store workrs: Everi Sundae mi humin (she'z also mi driver) takes mi to mi grocery store. The humins here are the best. They give mi lots of extra treets, and I am happi to salute them!

That kat I live with iz not on mi staff. And I am NOT on herz either. No matter what shi tells you.


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