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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


humin puppies

i'm tired. For the last sevral daze mi humin had peepl in and out ov our hous all the time. Shi kalled them sistrs, neeces, and a nefew. The neeces and nefew were humin puppies. They kissed mi hed alot, even tho my humin kapt telling them not too. (She kisses mi all the time, tho, so i think shi waz jelus.)

on Sundae, the humins were in a flurri, in & out ov the house. Then they left mi alone with the HPs--and more kame too, including one who told them what too doo. We wacht and movie, and the puppiez karried mi arond, even tho my humin had told them not too. i didn't mind, but when they ran down the hall with mi, i wanted to run miself (i run faster becuz i have 4 legz).

The peepl left yesterday and todai. Now I can sleep on mi couch w/o sharing it. But i do miss the xtra kisses. They were kute puppiez.


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