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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


a bizi week

terriers ar bizi peeple. On mondai my humin took mi to play groop. I played with 2 rat terriers (one in partkilar waz veri cute), a big lab puppi, a big Bostin terrier, a loud-mouth beegle, & a black lab. We no how 2 run hard & play hard. When I got home, I spept hard, to.

Then on tuezdai, mi humin buddi (she comz everydai to visit mi) took mi 4 a special drive to a park! A PARK!! i met alot of dogz, and lotz of humins stopt to say "Hi" to mi and tell mi frend i'm cute. (i am cute.) One littl dog wasz wearing pink. her Name is Tia, and i really likt her. i also met Roman, & we'd bee good buddys if we meet again.

so when i got home again, i had to take a hard nap.


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