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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


horrer in eveng

i was sleepin, mindin mi own bizness last nite, when mi humin got out the red dimon. She coo'd somthing abot, "trimmin your nails." Well, when she kame at mi, i jumpt off mi nest--but shee had cheeze in her other hand. ohmygosh! A dimon in one hand and heven in the othr!!!!

i tried that new stupid trik over and over (brushin mi paw ovr mi face), but it didnt work. Thats alwaz workt beefour. She laffs and givez mi anythng! But not last nite...

Bunter, the kat who thinks shee runz things, new she didt hav to worri abot the dimon, bcuz mi humin is afraid of her sometimz. Miss B (az she insists on bein' called) sayz realli bad wordz when the clippers com neer her. So mi human just gave her cheeze. Iz that fair?!

i held out az long az i cud, puttin mi pawz under mi, but that cheeze, that cheeze waz there. She wudn't giv mi any unles i let her trim mi nailz. She gav Miss B alot...

Finaly, i let her do my nailz--all but one. (I like that nail long.)

I got the cheeze.


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