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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


trainin humins

Mi humin iz good 2 live with, & shee waz ez to train. (She thinks she trained mi, but it waz the other way arond.)

i taught her 2 play a game with mi that includs givin mi a little treet whenever i want (i like getting cheeze the best). i hav her ask mi 2 do somethin like sit or stay or whatever. When i do it, she gets all excited and makes mi toy click. Sometimz she forgets 2 mak the clicker click, and then i hav to do the trick again. When she finally notices, she clicks--and i get mi treet.

So far, i can get her to ask mi to sit, down, stay, stand, rollovr, dance, giv her 10, and (a reel crowd-pleezer) "be shy." Whenever i do that (it's putting my paw ovr my nose), even if she hasn't sed, "be shy," she laffs and gives mi a treet.

I even trained her to giv mi a treat when she leeves the house.


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