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whare i talk about what itz like too liv with mi humin and the kranki kat.


Kold Sone Dae!

Yesterdae, mi humins forgot that it's STILL not summer -- and they made mi walk a long wae. We ended up at an ice creem store, but I had too wate outside while mi human puppy ordered for us. When I say "ordered for us," tho, I meen "for them"! I onli had the last of mi main humin's bole of ice creem -- but it waz good.

It waz even colder walking home. And it raned.
I am sleeping xtra hard this morning.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Tommy said...

Hey Wimsey,

Ice Cream - COOOOL! I am Tommy, a small furry cockapoo with floppy ears and a short stubby tail. Washington sounds like a nice place to live. I live in Washington, too, you know, around the monuments and memorials and stuff. I like it when my owner takes my downtown to do some site peeing, like on the Vietnam Memorial.

Be sure to see my blog at tommythecockapoo.blogspot.com


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